Reep Rewards Logo - About Us

Established in 2018 by our founder Lauren Holt, Reep Rewards is an online-based company dedicated to offering services of survey designs and rewards for all retailers requiring data-gathering resources.

Since Lauren needed a change of pace, she started considering the idea that later became this company.

History of our Beginning

Although she had always been a hard-working go-getter, Lauren became passionate about Internet marketing and surveys and took it to new levels. Since Reep Rewards started growing quickly, Lauren immediately began to build a team made up of competent professionals in different areas.

She started looking into local colleges and recent outstanding graduates with a proactive attitude, as she wanted fresh ideas to propel Reep Rewards’ progress and growth. Although it took her some time, Lauren managed to put together a thriving group of young professionals that easily adapted to working together.

Everybody in the team behind Reep Rewards takes care to stay updated and keep evolving, as the Internet marketing industry is quite fast paced. Although we face challenges every step of the way, our commitment to excellence pushes us to overcome obstacles and keep providing the best services.


We are now a solid team of experts that keeps expanding because we understand that covering all the bases improves the quality of the job we can do for our customers. If at any time we spot a new trend coming up, we quickly research it and add it to our arsenal of tools to work with.

Why Choose Us

If you are looking for a company to help you design and implement your online surveys and other Internet marketing tools, our highly customizable services adjust to each of your needs.

Since we are driven to help you succeed, Reep Rewards offers you top-quality services.